Professional Liability Insurance Program

The Professional Liability Insurance Program (PLIP) is a package consisting of the following coverage, tailored to meet the unique exposures of credit unions and their related entities:

  • Directors & Officers liability
  • Corporate Errors & Omissions liability

includes Insurance Agency Errors & Omissions liability

  • Employment Practices liability
  • Comprehensive Privacy liability (optional coverage)

Purchasing insurance as a group provides advantages which are passed directly on to participants. Excess insurers provide terms which recognize the benefits of risk diversification and the reduced cost of administration versus many individual policies. Additionally, the relatively high policy limits provided by the PLIP may be unavailable or unaffordable if purchased separately.

Recognizing that not all credit unions and related entities have exactly the same risks and insurance requirements, CUPP Services can also assist in providing unique insurance solutions to complement or replace PLIP coverage as necessary.

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