Risk Management

Where CUPP Services is licensed to operate, it can provide a variety of on-site risk management consulting services including:
  • Risk identification survey
  • Impact analysis
  • Loss prevention and control recommendations
  • Review of risk management policies and procedures

Surveys may include physical security equipment, life safety, records protection and destruction, and fraud prevention. 

CUPP Services can provide on-site training of individual employees who are involved in facilities management, branch design, risk management, loss prevention and physical security.

CUPP Services can deliver customized training seminars to staff on a variety of crime-related subjects including:

  • Burglary prevention
  • Robbery prevention
  • Counterfeit currency identification
  • Plastic card fraud
  • Cheque fraud
  • Consumer fraud
  • New security products and services
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CUPP Services can provide consulting services remotely on many of the previously listed areas and generally in areas related to risk identification, impact analysis, loss prevention and control, including physical security equipment and vendors providing security products or services.

An important service that is almost always provided remotely is building plan review prior to new branch construction or major renovation of existing premises. It is always less expensive to plan for proper security than to retro-fit it at some future time.

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